Lindsay Noell

Actor | Los Angeles



Growing up on the westside of Cincinnati, I knew there had to be more to the world than Catholic people and dancing to Sade in my mom’s wall mirror. Therefore, I took up competitive dance so I could at least travel to exotic places like Indianapolis and Detroit.

When my high school production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat called for dancers, I joined the production and, through my envy of the students with lines, discovered my extreme desire to act.

Naturally, I moved to Chicago to get my degree in anthropology, unexpectedly joined and became president of a sorority, studied at Second City, and then moved to Busan, South Korea to teach English. Now I am in Los Angeles damaging my car and acting, self-producing, and directing.

You will most likely see me playing something in the realm of:

  • Sorority president
  • Tough love girl-next-door
  • Bitch charming
  • Surrounded by a bunch of idiots (but they're my idiots)



The Tongue Thing
Best friend who’s a little too honest

Sorority girl with a heart


Young mom


Who I Work With

Lesly Kahn

Laurie Records, CCDA

Anthony Meindl

The Groundlings

For full list, see Lindsay's resume.



Commercial Agent

dpm Talent Agency
Daniel Mulheran -

Theatrical/Commercial Agent - Midwest

Heyman Talent
Laura VonHolle -


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